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Windy City Times Reviews "Tonight The Angels"


June 1, 2011

The Chicago print publication, Windy City Times, included a review of the 2011 Haberdashery album, "Tonight The Angels" today. The review appeared in the music section of the paper following their review of Lady Gaga's album, "Born This Way".

From David Byrne and Tony Perigrin of the Windy City Times:

"Haberdashery's synth-pop outing, Tonight the Angels, is not "computer blue." It is bubbling over with early Depeche Mode-like endearing, love songs. The title track is an electronic lullaby, while "Tonight Is Forever" serves as a security blanket. All of the material on Tonight the Angels is written, arranged, performed and sung by local artist Stephen Pearlman. Haberdashery is going to release all 10 tracks as singles. Some of the material is posted at haberdasheryinfo.com as a free download. Tonight the Angels is due out June 21."

The full article can be read on the Windy City Timeswebsite.