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Side-Line Reviews "Tonight The Angels"


July 31, 2011

Side-Line, the online music magazine specializing in electronic music, has published their review of "Tonight The Angels".

The very nice (mostly!) article can be read online at the Side-Line website. The following is an excerpt from Stéphane Froidcoeur's review:

"[The new album], "Tonight The Angels", is clearly influenced by some retro-synth-pop standards like remarkably finalized on "Don’t Break My Heart". The sweet vocals create the right symbiosis with the music. "Stay" is a perfect example of the polished, clean work. Haberdashery can also move into more melancholic fields like on the noticeable "In The End". But the best exponent from this release is the accomplished "You Save My Life", which is a kind of 'small' hit."