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A Different Drum VIP CD Series


December 22, 2010

A Different Drum, the electronic pop shop, recently began a monthly VIP CD series which features exclusive content never before pressed to disc to an exclusive pool of just 200 subscribers worldwide. The December 2010 issue is 14 tracks of the best 2010 Haberdashery Remixes. 

A limited number of these collectible discs are available on the haberdasheryinfo.com shopping page.

From Todd Durrant:
"Haberdashery is emerging from the underground as a synthpop act to follow. Playing a blend of danceable electronic with romantic sentiments, Haberdashery's music reminds listeners of classic Erasure. This is a collection of favorite remixes from several digital EP's released during 2010, pulled together on a limited edition CD release."

2010 Remixes - Collector's Edition


1. Two Become One (Voltage Controlled Extended Mix)

2. I Love You Too (Destination's Key of Bliss Mix Edit)

3. The Greatest Heights (Synthetik FM Extended Mix)

4. The Last One That You Love (Production 3)

5. I Try To Tell You (Bispatial Extended Remix)

6. Home (markymix)

7. I Love You Too (Techno Battle Bot Arena Mix)

8. Lightning (Synthetik FM Dawning Of the Day Mix)

9. Two Become One (Lost Robot Fast Convergence Remix)

10. Stars (TCP! Celebrate Desire Edit)

11. I Try To Tell You (The Best Friend Edit)

12. I Love You Too (markymix Extended)

13. Two Become One (Instant Infant Extended Remix)

14. Out of Me (markymix)

Includes CD, 2011 Calendar, and a set of 12 magnets featuring artwork from the 2010 EP Series.

Collector's Edition - Sold out