"Tonight Is Forever" Sessions


July 3, 2011

Today we recorded Morgan's performance of the solo from "Tonight Is Forever", the single for July, 2011.

A Haberdashery remix for kikai


June 1, 2011

In May of 2011, kikai, the collaborative musicians' group based in Germany, contributed an ethereal remix of "The Last One That You Love" for its single release. Now, Haberdashery has remixed "Mind", a kikai instrumental with a beautiful piano melody. 

Popjustice Features Haberdashery


May 31, 2011

The online music publication, Popjustice, featured "Stars" as their song of the day today.

Windy City Times Reviews "Tonight The Angels"


June 1, 2011

The Chicago print publication, Windy City Times, included a review of the 2011 Haberdashery album, "Tonight The Angels" today. The review appeared in the music section of the paper following their review of Lady Gaga's album, "Born This Way".

The Last One That You Love - New Single


May 24, 2011

"The Last One That You Love" is released. The fifth single from the 2011 Haberdashery album, "Tonight The Angels", includes remixes by Conversation, kikai, Madsen, markymix, Optic, and !distain. Along with the remixes, an acoustic version and a 12 inch mix are included. A new piano version of "The Last One That You Love", featuring solo pianist Aaron Eitan Meyer, and a synthpop rendition of "One Hand, One Heart" from West Side Story complete the single. A music video was also released with the single, filmed by Stefan Klenk.

A Haberdashery remix for Hyperbubble


May 12, 2011

Earlier this year, the synthpop band Hyperbubble remixed "Don't Break My Heart", for the second Haberdashery single of 2011. Now, Haberdashery has remixed a Hyperbubble track, "Geometry". The remix will be included in the forthcoming Director's Cut of their new album, "Drastic Cinematic". "Geometry" features guest vocalist Manda Rin, from Scotland, who sang the Powerpuff Girls theme song.



April 19, 2011

The fourth release from the 2011 Haberdashery album, "Tonight The Angels", is out now. The single, "Stay", includes a 12" mix, an acoustic version, and remixes by Vista, markymix, and People Theatre.

Artist Spotlight - Haberdashery


April 5, 2011

Haberdashery is this month's featured artist on Gary Hunter's Myspace Music Radio Show. Each month, the host of the podcast, Gary Hunter, features one artist on the show's Spotlight page.