DJ Talbot blogs about Haberdashery


March 21, 2011

Synthpop connoisseur and podcaster DJ Talbot features Haberdashery in his blog. The post coincides with the release of "Fall Into My Arms", the third single from the 2011 Haberdashery album, "Tonight The Angels".

Fall Into My Arms


March 22, 2011

The third release from Haberdashery's new album, "Tonight The Angels", is released. The "Fall Into My Arms" single includes a 12" mix, an acoustic version, and remixes by Eloquent, Lost Robot, mOOger!, and markymix.

Tonight The Angels - New Album


June 28, 2011

The fifth Haberdashery album, "Tonight The Angels" is released. The new ten track offering comes amid a steady stream of singles and follows the 2010 twelve part free EP series. The new studio album continues the evolution of Haberdashery's modern synthpop sound. The title track ballad and the upbeat tracks "You Save My Life" and "Fall Into My Arms" accompany seven other new tracks. The album journeys through an electronic soundscape that twines together an optimistic future with a nostalgia for the past.

Don't Break My Heart

(Single - February 14, 2011)

Tonight The Angels

January 18, 2011
The first single from Haberdashery's new album "Tonight The Angels" is released.

"Tonight The Angels" played on the Myspace Music Radio Show


January 13, 2011
"Tonight The Angels" is included on the new edition of the Myspace Music Radio Show, hosted by Gary Hunter.

La Pham Nikita: Artist for 2011 Haberdashery Releases


January 3, 2011

New artwork has been commissioned for the "Tonight The Angels" releases in 2011. Each single will be viewed as a "book", and Haberdashery fans have contributed their own books for the covers of each single. Henna artist La Pham Nikita has created original designs for the album covers, as well as henna inspired lettering for the text.

New "Patience Waiting" video from "Everyone Welcome" Compilation


December 10, 2010

"United Synthpop Artists 2: Everyone Welcome - A Tribute to Peace" digital CD that was originally released on May 26, 2009 by Ninethwave Records features Haberdashery.