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New Studio (Take 2)

New Studio 2
August 23, 2012
After another recent move, I've finally set up the studio again. The environment is even better than before, and I can't wait to start recording! The next project is going to be a few cover versions of some of my favorite Pet Shop Boys songs, and I hope to release it this winter.

The Raven

Raven 200

April 17, 2012
An electropop adaptation of "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe was released on April 17th. To commemorate the 167th anniversary of the poem's first publication in 1845, a limited edition of 167 hand numbered CDs were made for the release.

The Raven - In Production

The Raven In Progress

February 27, 2012
Haberdashery will be releasing a synthpop adaptation of "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe this Spring. From the Haberdashery blog: The idea has been bouncing around in my head for so long that I actually find it hard to read the poem without singing it to myself.

Tonight The Angels (Audio Commentary)


December 31, 2011
The complete audio commenary for "Tonight The Angels" is now available as a free download. Originally included as a part of the Haberdashery podcast, the commentary version of the album is now an official Haberdashery release.